Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life in Movie Form

Its been interesting writing movies and writing my TV show. After watching Garden State I felt very inspired. I put this together as a possible beginning to a movie. The following would be a narration about the main character who I have dubbed 'X' for the time being. Can you guess who 'X' is? ;)

I’ve seen the sun come up 4 times this week. I guess… I guess you could say I’m lazy. To tired to go to sleep. Spending nights awake, eyes burning into the 13” Macbook Pro I supposedly bought. Whenever I have a great idea or feel inspired, I just need to share it with someone, or I explode with physical and emotive energy, but it feels wasted, I’m always up when no one else is up. We all tend to lend ourselves to our lots in life. Inspiration creates determination. Following the course is something I’ve had trouble doing all my life, and it begins with a creation of my self within my mind.

(Scene of X sitting in a dorm room, staring into my computer. Flash to another scene of X sitting in the same position in a completely white room. No interaction with the computer, just staring at it with my hands on the keyboard. Camera revolves 90 degrees around X from left to right to show the sun rising in the dorm, similarly in the white room the same happens however it shows continuation of white)

Isolation is a position I can say that we often place ourselves in rather than being put there. Eyes open I am alone, I am separated, I am selected and silent.

(Cut to X waking up, Camera right in front of my face, rushing to get out of bed, a shot of the alarm clock can be seen 8:57am)

X: Fuck, I’m late.

(Quickly get dressed. Camera in ceiling, fast motion of X getting dressed)

I guess you could say I’ve been pretty tired lately (shots of X snoozing in class) I guess I feel pretty complacent about school. I can’t seem to figure out my passion, or the figurative slot I fall into.

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